Eyewitness Gaza now more available

Sensing renewed interest in Gaza and our movie about it thru my photographic lens we’ve decided to increase availability to the movie.

You can view it on YouTube and Vimeo, download a compressed version, download a full version (if you’re a Public Access TV station or producer), buy a DVD copy by land mail, or purchase a book version of many photos in the movie.

For full information.

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Currently in Gaza, one month, spring 2013

Yes, I have the rare privilege of visiting Gaza—for the 6th time since 2004. I work with the American Friends Service Committee to teach photography and photograph their operations, mostly programs serving college age youth. As well as work with other organizations and express life here in general: conditions and struggles.

My other blog contains writing, photography, and movies from this trip, plus from later this spring from the rest of my journey to the West Bank and Israel. Also my website. I invite you to check them out for my latest posts. As usual, shortly after I return to the States I will be available for touring with my slide shows, print exhibits, workshops, and stories. I especially would like to visit middle and high schools, plus colleges and universities.

For two up-to-date reports of conditions here I commend these:

The Silent War: Israel's Blockade of Gaza (video)

UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports

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