Tom Jackson and I welcome you to our website and blog. Our new movie, Eyewitness Gaza, about Gaza based on photographs I’ve made since 2004, hopefully will open eyes and generate action to bring justice with peace to that very small but highly vital region of the Levant.

We are nearly finished with the 2 year-long project and will circulate details as we have them. We plan to add a new trailer to this site by end of summer. Please consider hosting a screening or purchasing DVDs for local organizing. We plan to add action and awareness suggestions later to this site.

We are very grateful to our primary funder who wishes to remain anonymous and to all who have contributed to the project: crews in the United States and Gaza, focus groups for the movie as we edit it, family and friends who support us, critics who are sometimes hostile to our intentions but often have productive ideas, and for me personally, Skip, my muses, without whom I would be one inert bird.

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